Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wal-Mart has its eye on the Curtis Chevrolet site

...for one of its "urban format" stores, according to Mike DeBonis.

The good side to this is that the "urban format" stores sell groceries, which would help to alleviate Ward 4's food desert problem, as Aaron Morrissey points out.

The bad side is that...the site would be taken up by Wal-Mart. Certainly not what I was hoping for (actually, just about the furthest thing I was hoping for).

Fighting off a Wal-Mart was certainly not an issue I was expecting to face when I moved to DC! And we all know that communities that have tried to fight Wal-Mart have been largely unsuccessful. I'll be keeping a close watch on how this plan progresses.

***UPDATE 8:40 pm***
At this point it looks like it's all but confirmed.


  1. What does Urban Format mean? A smaller box store or what Target is in C Hgts.

  2. There's been some confusion about that, but Housing Complex just cleared it up for me: "To correct something of a misperception, while Wal-Mart has been piloting its smaller "Marketplace" stores, that's not the thrust of its development in D.C. at the moment. Each of the planned stores is between 80,000 and 120,000 square feet, which is fairly typical for the company."

    So the store won't actually be "urban format", as was first reported. It will be more of a typically-sized Wal-Mart store.