Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DC Comprehensive Plan amendment recognizes Brightwood's growing age diversity

This Housing Complex post about amendments to the District's Comprehensive Plan contains the following interesting piece of information:

One amendment emphasizes mixed-use development in Brightwood for a diverse population, rather than just senior citizens, whom the Plan had previously emphasized.

Very forward-thinking for the District to recognize that young people do in fact live here, rather than just treating the neighborhood as a huge old folks' home.

The original section of the Comprehensive Plan read as follows:

“The large senior population in the Brightwood area creates the need for additional senior housing and assisted living facilities in this area. The revitalization of Kennedy Street provides an opportunity for such development, possibly combined with retail uses and senior services. A new Wellness Center on the street will provide a potential catalyst for new senior housing."

And the new amendment reads as follows:

"The diverse population in the Brightwood area provides an opportunity to bolster the tenant mix and attract new mixed use development. Because of existing services, such as the recently built Hattie B. Holmes Senior Wellness Center at the 300 block of Kennedy Street, new mixed use development, with street activated uses and mixed income housing above, will catalyze revitalization along the corridor.”

(Tip of the hat to Lydia DePillis for the full amendment.)

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