Friday, November 26, 2010

ANC requests community concerns regarding Wal-Mart; Foulger-Pratt to present initial design plans on Dec. 2

Representatives from Foulger-Pratt, the developer of the Curtis Chevrolet site, will present a first look at the plans for the proposed Wal-Mart store at a meeting with 4B Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners and other community representatives on December 2.

Commissioner James Sydnor, who represents 4B04, the district in which the Curtis Chevrolet site is located, has asked for community members to send their concerns to him before the December 2 meeting.

(At last week's ANC 4B meeting, a neighbor stated that it was appalling that our commissioners learned about Wal-Mart's intentions the same way the majority of District residents did: on the evening news and on the Internet. I agree wholeheartedly. The news was particularly jarring having participated in the very intense community involvement process of the Walter Reed redevelopment team. Hearing that Wal-Mart plans to drop itself into our laps, without requesting community input first, felt invasive after all of the discourse at the Walter Reed planning meetings.)

Please post your concerns here, or e-mail them to thebrightwoodian at, and I will forward them to Commissioner Sydnor before the December 2 meeting. Concerns can be anything from "I'd prefer to not have a Wal-Mart at the Curtis Chevrolet site" to questions about the aesthetics of the building's design to concerns about traffic issues that the project will cause in the neighborhood. Those of you who are unable to attend the larger meeting for the community on December 7 at 7pm at the Fourth District Police station, 6001 Georgia Avenue NW are especially encouraged to respond now.


  1. How do they plan to address traffic concerns?
    Truck loading issues.
    Building design aesthetics -- please don't have the giant parking lot facing Georgia Ave.

  2. Is the meeting on Dec. 2 not open to the public, but the one on Dec. 7 is?

  3. @ Jackie: Yes, the December 2 meeting is a private one for reps from Wal-Mart and Foulger-Pratt and ANC commissioners/DC Council members. The December 7 meeting is a larger community meeting, open to all.

  4. I’m a long-time Ward 4 resident. It is my understanding that Walmart representatives attempted to reach out to our Council members for weeks prior to the announcement to get her input on reaching out to community leaders/community. She refused to meet with them until after the announcement was leaked by her fellow council members Y’vette Alexander and Tommy Wells. Shouldn’t she take some of the blame for how this was communicated ?