Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 new Bikeshare stations coming this spring; send in your location recommendations!

Via WashCycle, I found Smartplanet.com's
interview with Capital Bikeshare project manager Chris Holben.
In it Holben reveals that 20 more CaBi stations will be added this spring:

There are 100 stations now. What’s the plan for expansion?

We’re looking to add about 20 more this spring and then it’s really more an issue of political will and how the budget looks. I know we’re interested in expanding. I’ve worked for D.C. government for close to 10 years and usually things work very slow here, which is typical for big projects like roads and bridges, so being able to install this many of anything in a month is remarkable. The system is so elegant that you can put down one [station] in an hour, and you flip the switch and it’s online. You bring by a truck an hour later and deliver the bikes.

I asked Holben if DDOT is taking suggestions from citizens for locations for those 20 new stations, and he said indeed they are!

My ideas for expansion into Ward 4:
  • 14th & Colorado
  • Georgia & Missouri
  • Georgia & Piney Branch
  • Takoma Metro station

What's your CaBi station location wish list? Post it here, or send it directly to chris dot holben at dc got gov


  1. +1 for Georgia/Piney Branch and Takoma Metro

  2. Thanks Casey, forwarded to Chris Holben.

    And he said to keep the suggestions coming!

  3. Sherman Circle
    Fort Totten Metro station
    15th and Euclid NW

  4. 14th and Colorado for sure! I'm a member and would use it to go back and forth between Columbia Heights several times a week. The walk down to 14th and Crittenden is pleasant, but getting old.

  5. 16th & Eastern (as close as we can get to Silver Spring Metro Station)
    16th & Missouri
    16th & Alaska (Walter Reed)
    16th & Colorado
    16th & Kennedy
    16th & Arkansas
    North Portal & East Beach
    Georgia & Eastern
    Georgia & Butternut (Walter Reed)