Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do Ward 4 ANC candidates need to better communicate with their potenial constituents...

...or am I just way more hopelessly out of touch than I thought?

Prior to this election day, I searched for information on who was running to represent my Single Member District, but I found astoundingly little information online. Neither did Greater Greater Washington (see the sixth comment down), which amounted to Ward 4 being left out of its otherwise exhaustively extensive coverage of the ANC races in all of the other wards.

So imagine my surprise when I stood at the voting booth earlier today and saw that there were four people running to represent my SMD. One was the incumbent, the rest were people I had not heard of. None of them had campaigned at my door (that I know of...I admit I'm often not home during the hours I suspect people campaign), nor did they stuff flyers through my mail slot, nor did they post on the Brightwood listserv. So I'd love to know how these people got the word out about themselves (if they did anything at all).

This is my first election cycle as a Ward 4 resident, so perhaps I missed something. Please school me if that's the case, because I definitely don't want that to happen again; I don't think any concerned citizen appreciates surprises at the voting booth!

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