Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pawn bill wins final approval in city council

ANC4B's pawn bill has won final approval from the DC City Council in a unanimous consent vote.

Says Commissioner Sara Green: "During today’s session, Famous Pawn lobbied hard to weaken the 'great weight' provision of the bill. But Council Member Muriel Bowser held firm and prevailed. No amendment was introduced. We also had great support from Council Member Michael Brown, among others...Thank you for your many letters and phone calls. They worked!"

Famous Pawn's application for a pawnbroker license at 7301 Georgia Avenue is still under review by DCRA.


  1. Pawn shops should ALL be put out of business. Interest rates at 48% per year is highway robbery.

  2. I just recently learned that bike shops wishing to sell used bikes must get a pawn license. No wonder it's so hard to find used bikes in DC. This is a ridiculous provision, in my opinion.

  3. what is the difference between a used bike in a pawn shop and a used bike in a bike shop. They should abide by the same laws. Report to the police like the highly regulated pawnshops do.