Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sculptures created from recycled bike parts start appearing this week in Old Takoma

by Robert Wertz
at 6903 Laurel Avenue

The Amazing Alien Egg
A Phenakistoscope by Alison Baker
at 201 Ethan Allen Avenue at the TPSS Co-op

Wheels in the Sky
by Howard Connelly Design
at B.Y. Morrison Park

Photos: Laura Barclay

Who doesn't love bikes, art, and recycling? Artists from all over the world have been known to use old bike parts as their media, and that spirit is being brought to our area thanks to the Old Takoma Business Association.

Installation of the OTBA's reCYCLE Art of Bike Project began last weekend and will continue throughout the week. The project was "designed to celebrate the art, bicycling and recycling cultures of Takoma", according to the OTBA press release.

Artists were commissioned to build seven outdoor sculptures, using mostly bicycle parts. Some sculptures are kinetic, including The Amazing Alien Egg and Wheels in the Sky, pictured above. They will be displayed throughout Old Takoma (though notably only one of them is located on the DC side; it's at 341 Cedar Street NW) (EDIT: OK, as Laura points out in the comments, the lawn of 6930 Carroll Avenue is just inside the District line [although the building is in Maryland], therefore so is the sculpture that is placed on its lawn) until October 2, when they will be auctioned off to the public at the annual Takoma Park Street Festival. Proceeds will benefit future OTBA public art projects.

Check out more photos and a map. I also understand that the Green Commuter and Takoma Bicycle have reCYCLE t-shirts available for sale.

OTBA will host an official unveiling this Saturday, June 18th at 10:00am at B.Y. Morrison Park (at the intersection of Carroll Avenue and Rt. 410 in Takoma Park). Car parking is available in the public lot next to 201 Ethan Allen Avenue; bike parking is available everywhere.


  1. Technically, there are two in the District - the DC line cuts through the front lawn of 6930 Carroll Avenue at the Takoma Business Center. The building is in TP and the sculpture in the grass is in DC. ;-)

  2. I love these. Thanks for sharing Rebecca.

    Bettina Stern