Thursday, June 2, 2011

Walter Reed personnel call for delaying the facility's closure

The closure of Walter Reed is scheduled for September 15, but some personnel are asking for a delay of the closure because facilities at the newly expanded army medical center in Bethesda are not yet sufficient to accommodate wounded troops returning from the wars, reports The Examiner:

Local government officials are already urging the Pentagon to delay moving more than 30,000 local defense personnel in the Washington area until road improvements can be made around the office and hospital sites to accommodate more daily commuters and avoid gridlock. But the new warnings from medical personnel add a sense of urgency to those efforts.

"My equipment could break down tomorrow, and that should be OK because we're going to [Bethesda]," one Walter Reed nurse said. "But they're not ready to handle my workload."
The Pentagon is required by law to move personnel by Sept. 15, but Congress is crafting legislation that would give the defense secretary the authority to delay some of the moves.

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