Saturday, June 25, 2011

Caribbean Carnival's truncated route ends in violence

According to the Washington Post, five people were taken to the hospital earlier this evening with knife and/or gunshot wounds. Another report brought the number to six. I'll update as I hear more information. The incidents occurred in the 700 blocks of Gresham Street and Columbia Road, close to the end of the Caribbean Parade route.

Aside from this sad ending, the shortened parade route has been the source of controversy. At the end of the parade Muriel Bowser tweeted:

"Thousands of people on Georgia Avenue looking for rest of the Parade. This short route is a disaster. #lostrevenue"

A series of tweets between Bowser and Paco Fimbres of Mayor Gray's Office for Neighborhood Engagement (ONE) ensued, with Bowser stating that the Gray administration had disrespected the Caribbean community by approving the truncated route, causing confusion for parade attendees and revenue loss for the shops on Georgia Avenue. She also accused the Mayor's office of breaking promises (though I'm not exactly clear on what the promises were; again, I'll update as I get more information) (UPDATE: Bowser clarified via email: "I'm told that Candidate Gray promised [the organizers] support of status quo with parade this year. Mayor Gray refused to meet with them.")  Fimbres responded:

"No promises were broken. All involved knew exactly what the plan was...At the time plans were finalized no objections were raised."

This is shaping up to be quite a story. I'm hoping the full parade route can be restored next year...sans the violence.

UPDATE: Now hearing one person stabbed at Georgia and W Street, 4:30 pm; four people were shot at Georgia Ave and Gresham St, 5:15 pm (one has succumbed to injuries)

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