Thursday, June 30, 2011

MPD uncovers auto theft ring HQ on Blair Rd.

From the MPD-4D listserv:

For several months members of the Fourth District Auto Theft Unit have been working with Detectives from Montgomery Counties Centralized Auto Theft Unit.  This afternoon their joint investigations lead to an address in the 7300 block of Blair Road Northwest.  The detectives and investigators located several suspects that they had been tracking as well as several stolen cars and motorcycles and a large amount of parts from other stolen vehicles.  

The investigation revealed that multiple suspects were stealing cars and motorcycles primarily from Montgomery County Maryland and bringing them to the location on Blair Road.  There the suspects would strip down the vehicles for their parts, basically running a chop shop.  Four suspects were arrested as part of the operation. 

This joint investigation continues by both agencies.  They clearly made a dent into a major auto theft ring today.  The outstanding work of both agencies across multiple jurisdictions should be praised by all.  

John R. Haines
Fourth District
Vice, Auto Theft, and Crime Suppression Units

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