Monday, June 27, 2011

DDOT: Walmart has satisfied the Large Tract Review requirements for the Curtis Chevrolet site

DDOT, the agency that had denied Walmart's initial traffic plan, now says that the company has submitted sufficient data and analysis to meet the Large Tract Review requirements. In a letter to the Office of Planning, DDOT said that "the Applicant has identified mitigation measures in order to reduce the transportation impact of their proposed development to include increased roadway capacity and safety, which will require the loss of curbside parking." See the full letter below.

DDOT and the Office of Planning have yet to respond to the report submitted by ANC4B's Large Tract Review Committee.

Final Walmart Georgia Ave Lg Tract Review Jun 23


  1. "increased roadway capacity" in an urban area? so, no parking to separate fast-moving traffic from pedestrians?

    looking forward to all the additional statistical points for struck in dc...

  2. These issues and many more are commented on in the ANC4B Large Tract Review Committee's report; hopefully OP will take it into serious consideration alongside DDOT's letter.