Friday, January 21, 2011

Photo of suspected Takoma/Brightwood area car vandal

A resident on Venable Pl. has been having car troubles lately, all because of the man pictured above. From the Takoma listserv, January 17:

"One of our SUVs was broken into this afternoon (on Venable Pl) around 3:30pm almost right in front of our door. Many on our street were home and I saw the man in the act as I pulled up and our neighbor also saw him. He got nothing from the vehicle (nothing was there), but it cost $180 and lots of frustration."

And then, on January 19, another e-mail from the same resident:

"That crazy guy was back today around the same time 3:30 looking into our car again! This time we caught him and yelled at him. He ran off, but what's next?"

Finally, this morning:

"Well, the guy extra set of something because he keeps coming down my street at around the same time. We were able to get a picture of him...You don't want to know what he did after he realized we got the picture."

So, keep your eyes peeled for this guy, who is clearly tenacious, not to mention punctual.


  1. Please tell me you called the police and shared the picture. I imagine the 4D folks would be glad to circle the block if he's coming at the same time and see if they can nab him.

  2. Yes, I sent this post to Commander Missouri.

  3. Thanks for the info and especially for the photo. Although we've not experienced crime since moving up here from downtown DC (where we were frequently victims of crime) we're considering installing cameras around our property. We do a lot of walking around Brightwood/Takoma/Takoma Park and will definitely keep a look out for this guy.