Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ward 4 gets shafted in terms of economic development assistance, study finds

According to Mike DeBonis and Jonathan O'Connell, these figures from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer's Unified Economic Development Budget Report have been noted by DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown, and he's calling for distributing economic development monies more evenly across the wards. "I think what people want to know now is how do we make the same type of investments in Skyland, Poplar Point, Fort Lincoln and Georgia Avenue," says Brown in the Post piece. Yes, that's exactly what we want to know!

However, the Post piece goes on to mention that "Brown and Mayor Vincent Gray are both from Ward 7, east of the Anacostia River, and Brown said the two would be on the same page bringing incentives east." Hopefully our elected officials in 4 will step up and obtain some economic development love for us.

Read the full report.

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