Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bike House folks brave the Coldest Day of the Year

Last week, an e-mail went out over the Bike House's listserv:

Using Doppler radar, the Farmers' Almanac, and ancient methods of divination, we have discovered that this Saturday may very well be the coldest day of the year (or at least one of them), which can mean only one thing: group ride!

(Organizing a coldest-day-of-the-year group ride is something the Bike House has been discussing for the past several months. And now that I think of it, I believe one of the main champions of the event was Colin, the same Bike Houser who organized the Winter Biking Survival Skills workshop in November. Much thanks to Colin for being such a booster for the cause of winter cycling!)

Well, last Saturday was indeed furiously cold, and an intrepid group of 35 braved it. Reported from Bike House HQ:

On Saturday, 35 bicyclists from the DC area braved 20 degree weather(not counting the wind chill!) for the Bike House's First Annual Coldest Day of the Year Ride. Setting out from the Washington Monument, the riders completed a loop through Arlington and Georgetown which ended at the Lincoln Memorial. Afterwards, some hardy souls continued on, gaining more miles 'in the saddle,' while the rest of the group retired to Capital Hill for mulled cider.

Now that the (probable) coldest day of the year is behind Washington's pedaling pedestrians, and Spring is less than two months away, the city's bike lanes will be seeing more traffic every day. So, ride safe everyone!

Photos: Chris DiGiamo

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