Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Michael Brown speaks to ANC4B regarding Square 2986

Report from yet another highly contentious and emotional community meeting: the monthly meeting of ANC4B, held last night at the Fourth District Headquarters. Special guest was At-large Councilmember Michael Brown.
  • It was standing-room-only. Over 75 people. Not bad! Brown asked those who were in favor of Wal-Mart to raise their hands. Three hands were raised.

  • Something that I hadn’t heard before: Brown said that Wal-Mart initially wanted to open eight stores in the District; one in each ward.

  • Brown won’t state a position on the plans for the Curtis Chevrolet site until the Large Tract Review is submitted, although he understands that opposition in Ward 4 has been very strong (there's even a petition you can sign)

  • He reiterated that the deal between Foulger-Pratt and Wal-Mart is essentially a private business transaction that the city has little control over, because neither company is asking for money from the city. ANC4B02 Commissioner Faith Wheeler asked him what role the council does have. Brown said the council could hold public hearings. The ANC took him up on that, and unanimously called on the city council to hold public hearings on Wal-Mart as soon as possible.

  • On to another topic: 4B also unanimously approved a resolution to support leadership and funding from the DC government for the restoration and development of the historic Takoma Theatre.

There's a bare-bones summary of a long meeting. Others who were in attendance, please feel free to contribute other points in the comments.


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