Saturday, January 21, 2012

What happens when politicians delay their snow shoveling duties

This morning, Ward 4 Council candidate Max Skolnik and a team of volunteers set out to do the good civic duty of clearing snow and ice off of our sidewalks. Around 11:30 am, they came across the unshoveled sidewalk on the west side of the 4300 block of Georgia Avenue...which happens to be right in front of incumbent Muriel Bowser's campaign office. A golden political photo opportunity ensued. These are the photos sent by Skolnik and his campaign manager Johnny Mathias via Twitter, along with a few other astute comments:


  1. Tacky... Under current D.C. law, property owners are already required to clear snow from their sidewalks within eight daylight hours of the snowfall’s end.

  2. He's a candidate clearing snow for D.C. residents, even if one of those residents is his opponent. What about public service is tacky exactly?