Monday, January 23, 2012

More information on Takoma Central (formerly Ecco Park)

Via DCMud, further thoughts on the effect Takoma Central, the development formerly known as Ecco Park, will have on our area's growth:

The development may fill in a key gap between the bustle and activity of the Metro station and the quarter-mile walk to Carroll Avenue along Takoma Park's main street with well-kept sidewalks and quaint Victorian-era street lighting.


The construction of Takoma Central will go a long way to renovating a corridor on both sides of the Metro line that the District and Maryland have been seeking to make ripe for transit-oriented development projects.

On the West side of the Metro line, the District Office of Planning has (been) looking at possible enhancements to the neighborhood near the dormant Takoma Theater and its surrounds since Anthony Williams' tenure as Washington D.C.'s Mayor.

The Office of Planning's 2002 report shared the puzzlement over why TOD near Takoma Metro wasn't forthcoming. "Neither Carroll nor 4th Street have developed the critical mass of retail, commercial and housing that their Maryland neighbor enjoys, despite being anchored by the most heavily used pedestrian Metro transit station in the District of Columbia."

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