Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New bar at 441 Kennedy Street looks close to opening, albeit with a most unfortunate name

I've been keeping my eye on 441 Kennedy Street for the past couple of months, as the buildout of what one of the contractors told me would be a sports bar progressed. The interior is looking pretty nice (sorry I have no interior photos to share). When I passed by yesterday I saw that exterior signage had been installed, which is great, although I have to admit that the name of the establishment makes my heart, um, ache just a does the misspelling of the word "restaurant".



  1. Thanks for posting about this. As a local resident, I'm happy to see some development on Kennedy street. I'm not so sure, though, that this looks like the sort of inviting vibrant business that is needed to revitalize the somewhat benighted corner of 5th and Kennedy.

    What's up with the bricked-up store front? While the interior may be nice, it looks more like a speak-easy, strip club, or even a bunker, from the external appearance. This won't encourage the "eyes on the street" effect (cf that's needed to keep the neighborhood safe and encourage a healthy, vital, and prosperous community.

  2. This place really does encompass everything that could possibly go wrong, from the name to the misspelling to the dreadful exterior (I was hoping they were going to do something about the brick wall and the solid door). I was hoping for better, but this exemplifies that Kennedy Street's just not there yet. It's unfortunate.

  3. looks like a prison. here's hoping there is new management someday that makes changes.

  4. While i try to stay positive on any new business i just dont have anything good to say about this place. The exterior is so unappealing that most ppl wont even make it inside to see the "pretty nice looking" interior.