Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wegmans exec: Walter Reed "might be interesting to us at some point"

More on the discussions between Mayor Gray and Wegmans execs at the RECon conference in Las Vegas:

The meetings show that the chain has interest in the District, but it isn’t easy for Wegmans to enter D.C. because the chain wants at least 120,000 square feet and at least 800 parking spaces, which is hard to find in the city. It could potentially be had, however, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where the city is set to acquire property that includes around 1,200 existing underground parking spaces that front along Georgia Avenue NW.

D.C. does not have control of Walter Reed yet, and Gray has not announced a plan for how to pay for millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements there, so the Wegmans idea, like a lot of those at ICSC, is about something that is at least years away. But Ralph A. Uttaro, Wegmans senior vice president of retail development, walking into the meeting with Gray, said Walter Reed, “looks like something that might be interesting to us at some point.”


  1. How do you get this information? The members of the LRA can not even get an update like this.

  2. By reading the Washington Post. Jonathan O'Connell was there in Las Vegas to cover the meetings. I assume you and the other LRA folks were not.