Friday, May 20, 2011

Caribbean Carnival parade faces financial challenges, considers shortening route

Looks like the Caribbean Carnival, scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 25, is having some financial trouble, which could lead to a shortened parade route.

The route normally runs down Georgia Avenue, beginning at Missouri Avenue and terminating at Barry Place NW (that's about three miles), but this year, according to the carnival's website, the route will begin at Kansas Avenue, which will shorten the route significantly (by approximately 1.5 miles). The organizers haven't given up hope that they might be able to run the usual three-mile route with the generous support of neighbors like you, though; if you look deeper into the carnival website, you'll find a donation page that contains more of the story:

DC Metropolitan Police Department has proposed shortening the parade route from the current route along Georgia Avenue from Missouri Avenue NW to Barry Place NW approximately 3 miles; to Georgia Avenue between Missouri Avenue NW to Kansas Avenue NW (a 1.3-mile route). If this proposed change takes place it will severely affect the true essence of the Carnival Parade in addition to adversely imping(ing) on business owners along the portion of the Georgia Avenue corridor that will be excluded.

I'm wondering how Brightwood/Brightwood Park residents feel about this...would people be happy to have the parade start further down Georgia Avenue, or would they miss it? I personally hope the northern section of the Caribbean Carnival can be restored; I think it's a blast to have a once-a-year day-long party in our normally quiet little residential neighborhood.

***UPDATE*** I got in touch with the festival organizers, who confirmed that the parade will indeed begin at Kansas Avenue this year. Big loss for Brightwood and Brightwood Park!


  1. Oh no! I hope the route remains the same. It's a great party for the community!

    But I read it as they're considering cutting the southern part, making the route from Missouri to Kansas?

  2. It's actually really confusing...if you look at the first link that I linked to, the page says "This year’s Parade begins on Kansas at Georgia Avenue, NW and ends at Barry Place, NW across from the Howard University Campus leading to the Festival."

    So, huh. I've called the organizers for clarification and will update if/when I hear from them.

  3. Well that DOES make more sense, but I hope Brightwood doesn't lose out on our segment. This is the first year we've lived two blocks away from the route and I was looking forward to it! Thanks for posting about this.