Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brightwood Bistro space is for sale

Too bad. I know that the owners were looking forward to the development of the Curtis Chevy site to help drive traffic, but they couldn't hang on til then.

EDIT: An earlier version of this post stated that the entire building was for sale, which isn't true, it's just the restaurant space and an associated condo unit. The paragraph below was written when I thought the whole building was on the market.

Something needs to be done about the Georgia/Missouri intersection if businesses that locate around it are ever to succeed. Preservationists will hate me for bringing up this (admittedly unlikely) scenario, but if the city were to buy the building, raze it, and use the land to fix the intersection, would it be such a bad thing?


  1. The BW Lofts has historic designation and is home to a number residents in our community. The city needs to explore purchasing the historic and vacant bank building on the northeast corner of Georgia and Missouri.

  2. This is a real shame... My wife and I moved into the areas recently and were enthusiastic about a number of new businesses opening. However, it's too bad to see one we never even had the chance to patronize close.

  3. I patronized it a few times. Food was good but I always had to think about going there. Not sure why it was hard to remember-other restaurants in the area (Hadees, Highlands) was just easier.