Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Washington Deli is open...sort of

Received a tip from a reader today that the new Washington Deli at 5830 Georgia Avenue, just south of where Georgia intersects with Missouri, is finally open. So I stopped by at around 5:00 pm, but the place was all locked up and the lights were out. I've written to the owner to inquire about when they might start keeping regular hours; I'll update this post when I hear back.


  1. I went to Washington Deli and Pizza for lunch today. The guy in charge (Brett) said that they were currently doing a soft opening and only open for breakfast/lunch, but that they'd be extending their hours in the near future.

    I enjoyed the sub I had, and I thought the pizza looked good. I posted some photos online.

  2. Nice blog, man! And thanks for the info on the deli.... I probably won't get to try it myself til they start their evening hours.