Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ward 4 State Board of Ed candidates' forum, Thursday night, Coolidge HS

Late notice, but I just got the announcement myself:

What: Candidate Forum for Ward 4 Board of Education Seat
Where: Coolidge High School Armory, 6315 5th St. NW
(Please Enter from 5th St. at the Frank Williams Center)
When: April 14, 6:30pm -8:00pm

An Almquist
Kamili Anderson
Bill Quirk
Andrew Moss
Moderator: Ted Trabue


  1. Write-in Candidate A Anderson should be allowed to participate in the forum.

    A. Anderson registered with the D.C. Board of Elections as a write in on March 23, 2011.

  2. Write-in Ward 4 School Board candidate A. Anderson has been a Shepherd Park resident since 1998. She is a graduate of D.C. Public Schools. As a former educator, Write in candidate A. Anderson has taught science and math enrichment to elementary, middle and high school levels. Read to children in the Books and Power Lunch Reading program at Brent ES, and served as a room parent for her nieces and nephews at Amidon ES. As the Local School Analysis Team chairman at Brent ES---a museum magnet school curriculum and standards were developed at Brent Elementary. She is a world class leader in STEM learning programs at middle and high schools including Woodrow Wilson and McKinley. Under A. Anderson's leadership, BHS has hosted summer institutes for students and teachers ---developing science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum and standards for several school districts for more than 8 years. She also served as a Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools team member for 4 years, and--- she is committed to excellence in all levels across the continuum of education and to encourage, advance, assist and sustain the quality and integrity of education.

    We will use our vote and support to elect a quality board of education member from Ward 4 that not only shares our views about the school system and education but a person who listens to what citizens want in a school board member.

    A. Anderson is the only candidate---to testify before the D.C. Council Committee of the Whole regarding the D.C. Public School's 2012 budget and curriculum. She has worked on the hill in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. She also drafted legislation to address the D.C. Public School's "testing improprieties".

    The D.C. School Board needs a member who is already qualified and has demonstrated her educational competence to serve on the Board now and not require on the job training!

    We will win with an experienced write in candidate---A. Anderson!

  3. Sorry for your loss, Ms. Anderson. Better luck next time.

    BTW - There is no such thing as the DC School Board anymore. Get it right. Who wrote this???!

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    It is clear that you don't support children and parents in this great city. Anonymous individuals are questionable people. It is clear that you don't support children and parents in this great city. You have chosen to remain in the darkness---Write-in Ward 4 School Board candidate A. Anderson has worked for more than 10 years--working for children and parents.

    What have you done in the darkness?
    Who are you---and what gives you the authority to question a candidate because she has faught for students as a teacher, as a educator executive and as a volunteer.

    What have you done to help---our children to keep their "Dream Alive"---A. Anderson fight for our children's dreams every day!

    Vote for a write-in---who will continue to fight to help all children in Ward 4 and across this city to keep their "Dreams Alive".

    You can call me, I am listed.

  5. Sorry Anonymous you lost this round. Better luck to you the next time!

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Why don't you visit candidates A. Anderson's website if you are looking for the SBOE.

    I agree you lost!

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    I agree, why don't you go there. The site may help to educate you about write-in candidate A. Anderson. She is the best qualified candidate.

  8. To all interested parties,
    Ms. Anderson (not the one on the ballot) was banned last week from posting to another blog site for actions similar to the above, including link spamming, and repeated postings of derogatory comments.

    "This may help to educate you"

  9. Jahi Baruti Endorses Write-in Candidate A Anderson for State Board of Education

    Jahi Baruti, former President of the shepherd Park Citizens Association endorses write-in Ward 4 School Board Member candidate A. Anderson to fill the Ward 4 vacancy on the State Board of Education.

  10. Write-in Candidate A Anderson Campaign

    Breaking news Long time Ward 4 residents Jahi Baruti, former President of the Shepherd Park Citiizens Association and Judith Terra, supporter of former Mayor Anthony Williams endorses write in Ward 4 School Board candidate A Anderson as the most experienced and best candidate to fill the Ward 4 vacancy on the State Board of Education.