Monday, March 7, 2011

M&M Essentials natural grocery/deli coming soon to 624 Kennedy St. NW

Image: M&M Essentials

More Kennedy Street news...M&M Essentials is a shop that offers "all natural products to enhance your skin, hair, body, and environment."

M&M's products have been available at some shops in the area (as well as at the flea market at 9th and U Streets NW) for a while now, but as far as I know this is their first retail store of their own. The space is right next to Tony's Place.

I'll post more details as I learn them.

UPDATE: I spoke to one of the proprietors, Mustafa, today, and it turns out that M&M is going to be larger in scope than I'd originally thought. In addition to hair/skin care products, they'll be selling produce, kosher and halal meat, etc. The space is two stories, and the upstairs will have a seating area and cafe. Very cool! No firm opening date yet (they have some work to do with DC Water first), so stay tuned.


  1. Do they have any ETA on when they plan to open?

  2. Not yet; I'll post as soon as I have more info!