Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't leave your laptops unattended in public places (duh)

Here's another one from the "it should go without saying" department, from Fourth District Police Commander Kimberly Chisley Missouri:

The March 11 incident at Mayorga was a theft. The laptops were left unattended and two suspects fled with the laptops. This past Saturday, one suspect snatched a laptop from the owner's possession while a second suspect served as a lookout. Both suspects fled the scene on foot in different directions. Patrol units were in the area and quickly set up a perimeter. Both suspects were subsequently located, positively identified, and arrested. The suspects, adult males, were charged with robbery. The robbery case will be reviewed along with the March 11 theft for similarities.

Today, as I passed by Maygora, I noticed a laptop left unattended. I spoke with the manager, Julio, and advised it is imperative to share with the customers the importance of safeguarding their property.

There have been instances of teenagers hanging out near the Takoma Metro Station, in the afternoon following school dismissal. PSA 401 officials are aware of issues at Mayorga and the Metro and are providing special attention to the area. I have also alerted Metro Transit Police for additional presence during dismissal times.

Thanks and feel free to contact me with any additional concerns.

Kimberly Chisley-Missouri
Metropolitan Police Department
Fourth District
6001 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20011

Though it's unfortunate that she has to send out notices for actions that should go without saying, I guess it's also unfortunate that we should have to be so vigilant in the first place. But hey, people steal; they've stolen since the beginning of time, and they certainly aren't about to stop any time soon, so...be vigilant.

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  1. Hi,

    My wife was in there when it happened. One of the laptops was stolen from under the fingertips of the owner, who was typing at the time! So, I don't know what should go without saying, but 'be vigilant' ain't (solely) it. :-) Or you might 'vigilantly' see your property stolen from under your nose, NOT 'unattended'. 'Lock it up', is what should be said...