Monday, February 28, 2011

Get your Respect DC yard sign!

Yard signs (and window signs for apartment-dwellers) that show support for the Respect DC campaign are available! If you'd like one contact thebrightwoodian @

About Respect DC and the Living Wages Healthy Communities Coalition: "We are working to educate community members about Walmart’s checkered track record of paying poverty-level wages, forcing competitors to close, causing a net loss of jobs, breaking its promises, and multiple lawsuits alleging that the company discriminates against female employees and engages in wage theft, including the the largest sex discrimination class action in U.S history.

"We want to ensure that no Walmart is built here unless the company shows that it respects DC by agreeing to an enforceable community benefits agreement guaranteeing that it will treat its workers with dignity, provide full-time living wage jobs with affordable health and retirement benefits, and help our neighborhoods improve their economic standing and quality of life."

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  1. Thanks for post! Be sure to visit our website, for daily updates on our fight to get Walmart to Respect DC and it's workers! & Follow us on Twitter at @RESPECT_DC and on facebook at: