Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cool new tea/spice shop, Si Tea, in Takoma

Si Tea opened a few weeks ago at 6902 Fourth Street NW, just north of Butternut Street. I was made aware of it thanks to a reader tip; though I've biked down Fourth Street several times since they opened, their signage is so subdued I might not have noticed them for quite a while.

Upon entering I was offered a sample of their Chai of the day:

And I checked out their impressive collection of black, green, and herbal teas...

As well as their cozy seating areas (apologies for the slanty camera work here!):

I was told they serve a soup of the day as well, and that today's was a spinach dal (which I would love to have tried, but my time was too limited...looking forward to trying another soup on another day).

Overall, it looks like a fantastic addition to the Fourth Street commercial strip.

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