Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MPD makes multiple prostitution arrests in Petworth

From the MPD-4 listserv:

On Saturday evening, the Fourth District Vice Unit, along with members from the Crime Suppression Team conducted an operation in the area of Georgia Ave and Taylor St NW. This area has been noted as an area for possible street prostitution in the past. First, we deployed several undercover officers (male).

Their job was to identify and possibly target any female prostitutes that might be operating in the area. In a very short time, we were able to identify and arrest several female suspects in the area and charge them with prostitution-related offenses. Then, we deployed several undercover officers (female), posing as potential prostitutes in order to target the "Johns". Over the next several hours, we were able to arrest several subjects and charge them with prostitution-related offenses as well.

This two-fold approach was an attempt by the vice unit to address both sides of the problem and, as a result, was very effective. The undercover officers did an outstanding job and the rest of my team acted in a highly professional and efficient manner. The Fourth District Vice unit plans to conduct these operations targeting street prostitution on a regular basis within different areas of the Fourth District. If anyone observes any activities or areas that they feel we should focus on, please let me know so that we can help address those issues. Thank you for your ongoing support.

John R. Haines
Fourth District Vice Unit

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