Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Georgia Ave Community Review this Saturday

Encouraging everyone to attend the Community Review of Georgia Avenue this Saturday, August 7 from 9 to 4 (lunch will be provided) at Howard's School of Architecture and Planning (6th & Howard Pl. NW).

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The Community Review is an event sponsored by the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force and Howard University designed to gather community input into the future of the Georgia Avenue Corridor.


Historically, communities experiencing development and urban renewal have often been left out of the actual process of envisioning, designing, and contributing to the development of real estate in their communities. These decisions are often made without community input or involvement in ways that often run contrary to the needs and wishes of current residents, business owners, and space users. This Community Review is an opportunity for the Georgia Avenue community to stake a claim in guiding the process and making their voices heard by the city, developers, retailers, and other entities which will affect our community.

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