Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Empanada Dilemma

As Julia's Empanadas is one of my favorite places to eat, you can imagine that I'm very happy to have one within easy walking distance of where I live. I want them to be successful here (I'm not sure how long their Brightwood shop has been open...anyone know?), so I patronize them often. But that's hard to do when they keep such odd hours. According to their website, they close at 7pm, but I've gone there earlier than that only to find their lovely neon "open" sign had gone dark. Tonight was one of those nights, and I admit that I was craving Julia's so much that I made a special trip to Columbia Heights after my unsuccessful attempt to do business at the Brightwood store.

I understand that closing at 7pm (or earlier) would make sense for them, since foot traffic on that stretch of Georgia Avenue at night is hardly at Columbia Heights-like proportions. Here's hoping the development that will maybe possibly eventually come to Georgia/Missouri will bring about enough evening foot traffic for Julia's to stay open a little later.

Oh the trials and tribulations of living in a food desert.


  1. You cannot trust Julia's schedule. Unfortunately, besides them, Subway, McDonalds and a couple of fried chicken joints, we are without food options. The bright side? There is construction (for a long time) of a pizza place next to Brightwood bistro, that got pretty good reviews at its downtown location...

  2. reminds me of the old julia's location at U and 14th NW. they never had reliable hours, and eventually just closed up shop and left the neighborhood (right before U Street's recent crazy boom took off). bet they wish they were still there.

  3. we contacted them when they first opened to ask about their wierd schedule. they told us that location's function is a kitchen, and that they close whenever they're done for the day.

  4. they told us that location's function is a kitchen, and that they close whenever they're done for the day.

    Thanks for passing that info along. Whenever I go in there I look into the back at that ginormous kitchen space and wonder what they could possibly need it all for...but it's probably supplying the rest of their locations with their yummy empanadas. I was afraid that the Brightwood location's odd schedule meant that it was about to go the way of the 14th & U location. Hopefully their rent is outrageously cheap and they'll be able to hold onto that space for a long time.

  5. mavenrecomendations, which pizza place are you referring to?

    And we must not forget Haydee's, my go-to place when I need a sit-down restaurant within walking distance!