Monday, April 12, 2010

Bike shops and road rage

I admit that I was nervous about moving to a neighborhood with no bike shops. In the past, I had very easy access to five of them within a one-mile radius from my home. So I was thrilled to learn that not one but two new bike shops are opening up in Takoma Park this spring.

We also have the good folks at The Bike House, a volunteer-run collective that (for now) operates out of the back yard of Qualia Coffee at 3917 Georgia Avenue. The Bike House people are interested in sharing their knowledge of bike mechanics and empowering those whose mechanical skills might be rusty or even non-existent. They're having a fundraising party this Friday, April 16. Pertinent info:

What: Music, Goldsprints, Good Beer, Bike House!
When: April 16th 2010 9pm-1am
Where: 4104 New Hampshire Ave NW (Taylor and NH)
Who: You & your friends (18+ to get in, 21+ for drinks)
How: $10 for a cup - then all you can drink.

Come join us to celebrate the second season of the Bike House! We'll have music, biking competitions, good beer, and good cheer.

Free rent from Qualia Coffee (thank you thank you thank you!) and an 100% volunteer workforce is awesome, but it still takes some cash to make sure your bikes leave the co-op clean, lubed, and fixed-up!
Because of that (and to cover the costs of the party) we will be asking a $10 donation at the door.

Don't have $10? Don't sweat it, we'd love to have your presence, energy, and enthusiasm just the same!

Via The WashCycle: a City Paper writer is looking for stories of motorist-cyclist road rage (I assume the writer's interest in this topic was spurred by last week's horrifying story about the cyclist who was intentionally hit by a motorist in Bloomingdale). Send your own horror stories to Rend Smith,

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