Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A bicycle beltway in the District:Building the Fort Circle greenway

I've been reading up on an interesting bit of history. If the plans fall into place, they could influence how we get around in Brightwood, and the development of the city in general.

Back in the 1930s, a road called Fort Drive was being planned, which would link all of the Fort Parks throughout the city. By the 1960s, small fractions of Fort Drive had been constructed, but it was decided that the project was too impractical to complete, and the plans were dashed in favor of building a walkable, bikeable greenway that would link the Fort Circle Park system. That was in 1965, and the project hasn't exactly come to fruition since then, but the National Capital Park Commission wants to get it going. TheWashCycle gave a rundown of the plans several months back.

DCMud will host a web dialogue with the NCPC on Thursday 4/29/10 at 1 pm, and linking the Fort Circle Parks is on the agenda for discussion.

Among other things, I would happily welcome a bike route from Fort Stevens to Fort Reno that doesn't involve coming into contact with the decidedly bike-unfriendly Military Road!

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