Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uptick in crime in the area surrounding Walter Reed

From the Takoma listserv:

Last night I walked along Dahlia chatting with neighbors. Turns out that there have been several muggings on Dahlia in which a gun was used in the last few weeks.

That combined with the break ins of cars during the broad daylight. Plus the odd experience of catching some guys on my roof a few weeks ago suggests a crime spree in our area.

Frightening, considering that there has been much less in the way of police presence in this area of late. And the closure of Walter Reed has made this area of Georgia strangely quiet day and night, very little foot traffic.

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  1. I heard about the muggings too. I walk Dahlia Street every day to get to the metro and it's usually pretty quiet. There is, however, all that construction going on at the school, which is on the same 1-2 blocks where the muggings took place. Have to wonder if they're somehow related...