Monday, November 7, 2011

Be an advocate for small business development on Georgia Avenue

Georgia Avenue needs advocates. Here are three upcoming opportunities to meet with community leaders, business owners, residents, and other stakeholders who are concerned with the state of Georgia Avenue:

Small Business Talk with At-Large DC Councilmember Vincent Orange
Monday November 7, 7-8:30PM
Peoples Congregational Church, 4704 13th Street NW (near Decatur St.), Corbin Lounge

Hosted by the Georgia Avenue Economic Development Steering Committee to consider a collaborative process to support and develop small businesses.

Brightwood Community Association meeting
Tuesday, November 8, 7 pm
St. John's United Baptist Church
6343 13 St. NW (intersection of 13th and Tuckerman)

According to the Brightwood Community Association announcement: "As many of us have noticed, there are a number of vacant properties along Georgia Ave in Brightwood. After talking to people on both sides of the Walmart divide, I got the sense that those opposed to Walmart weren't opposed to development, just against Walmart specifically. Those in support of Walmart weren't particularly big fans of Walmart, but just wanted something there instead of nothing. There are other vacant lots and closed stores along Georgia Ave. Some, like the former Blockbuster Video store at 6428 Georgia Avenue, have been empty for quite some time. Before something else comes that forces us to react, we can take the initiative and go after what we want.

"We, as the citizens living in Brightwood, want to play a major role in the development of our local commercial corridor. To that end, the next few meetings are going to be dedicated to bringing in information, gathering ideas from all of you, forming a plan and taking action.

"We've invited the Executive Director of the Old Takoma Business Association, Roz Grigsby, to speak to us about OTBA's methods as a community and an association, what has worked and what hasn't.

"We will also hear from Laine Cidlowski of the Sustainable DC Project, who will share info on the city's new Sustainable Plan launched by the Office of Planning and District Department of the Environment. Laine will discuss how we citizens can get engaged in the process and share some of the sustainable considerations in the Walter Reed redevelopment."

Georgia Avenue Business Association meeting
Thursday, November 17, 7:00 pm
GII Restaurant & Lounge
2632 Georgia Avenue NW

This is the second meeting of this new organization, with the goal of bringing all of Georgia Avenue's business nodes together in order to advocate for creating a stronger business environment for the entire corridor. The first meeting went well, with about a dozen business owners and residents brainstorming ideas. All Georgia Avenue business owners and stakeholders are encouraged to attend, get involved, and help shape this advocacy organization.

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  1. G-d, do a plan. A bunch of meetings like this are chaotic... The part of GA Ave. from Kennedy Street to Whittier doesn't have a Great Streets plan.

    I recommend reading one of the commercial district revitalization framework plans I wrote: