Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Environmental issues will slow down Ecco Park construction

Seth Grimes of Takoma Park sent this to the TakomaDC email list regarding the site of the Ecco Park development:

An update on the "Ecco Park" construction site on Carroll St. NW between
Maple and Cedar --

Workers excavating the site discovered 5 additional, unexpected
fuel-storage tanks beyond the one they were expecting. According to
on-site manager Ike Singh, there is soil contamination around the tanks.
They don't know whether any of the tanks still have fuel in them. The
tanks and contaminated soil will have to be removed.

Mark Sherman, a nearby resident, alerted ANC Commissioner Sara Green (and
me) and the crew alerted the District Department of the Environment.

Naturally, clean-up will introduce additional delays into the project.

ANC Sara Green follows up:

Ms. Fianna Dhil, of the DC Department of the Environment (DOE), tells me that DOE is monitoring the site. It's OK to smell gasoline, but the gasoline should not be running off into the street or out of the site.

If you see runoff, or any other environmental issue that concerns you, call DOE at 202 535-2600 or write to Ms. Dhil at

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