Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mayor Gray on WTOP: no bus garage at Walter Reed

Mayor Gray received a question during WTOP's "Ask the Mayor" call-in program this morning about whether he would support the construction of a bus garage at the redeveloped Walter Reed site. In short: his answer is no. Below is a partial transcript of Mayor Gray's comments from WTOP:

"Given the enormous value of the Walter Reed property, I don't support putting a bus garage there.

"Millions of business dollars leave D.C. every year, and here we have an opportunity to retain some of that.

"The Walter Reed property is a real jewel."

He added that the Friendship Heights and Upper 14th Street communities could present their cases for moving the Northern and Western bus garages out of their neighborhoods, but that the land at Walter Reed is too valuable to be turned into industrial use.

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