Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How should the outdoor public space at the new Takoma Education Center be used?

An email from ANC Commissioner Sara Green:


The design and reconstruction of the Takoma Educational Center (Piney Branch and Dahlia Streets, NW) continues following its devastating December 2010 fire.

Workers are now beginning to build a completely new interior for grades pre-K through eight, with special spaces for the school’s performing arts and special education curricula. The Office of Public Education Facilities Management, the city agency responsible for the project, has committed to completing the construction in December 2011 for occupancy in January 2012!

Please let me know if there are traffic or other problems due to the construction. The project managers have committed to resolving them.

So far, the design team has focused on the school’s interior. However, decisions have not been made about the field, parking lot, courtyard, Highland Street area and other exterior spaces – the area that the community uses the most. Would you please share your views about priorities for these spaces?

Currently, the community has access to most of the exterior space, including the playground, field and courtyard. And the landscaped Highland Street side of the school is basically an unused space.

What changes would you make to the exterior spaces? What kinds of new facilities and uses would you add? Should this public access continue? What kinds of public uses are most important? Should some outdoor areas be restricted for school use only and when should these restrictions take place?


Email Sara Green with your ideas (or post your ideas in the comments). I already voiced my opinion that we need a place where dogs can play off-leash safely and legally.

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