Sunday, June 13, 2010

Washington Deli comes to Brightwood

"Do you remember the great bakeries, great delis, and great slices of pizza when you were a kid?" asks Washington Deli owner Jim Doherty. "Well, I Do!"

Well, me too! I'm a native New Yorker and I often bemoan DC's lack of great bakeries/delis/slices, and though I'm sorry to say that I've never visited Washington Deli's Foggy Bottom location, I've heard decent things about it (Yelpers give it high ratings). So I was pretty excited when I noticed that their sign was put up above the storefront at 5830 Georgia Ave. in Brightwood this week.

I peeked through the papered-over windows (which enabled the lovely reflection of the old Bank of Brightwood building you see in the above photo) and it doesn't appear that they're very close to opening yet, but I've put a query in with the owners and I'll post if I hear of a projected opening date.

Update From the owner: "I am having a tough time with the Pepco service to the building! Once that is squared away things should move fast but no date yet..."

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