Friday, June 18, 2010

Vote for Capital Bikeshare stations to come to our neighborhood

Even though I'm an avid cyclist, I have not joined the Smartbike bike sharing program, mainly because the locations of this pilot program's stations aren't particularly convenient to any place I normally travel (and also because I own more bikes than is truly necessary, but that's an entirely different issue!).

Well, the pilot program has been successful enough that DDOT is expanding the program and giving it a new name, Capital Bikeshare. And now DDOT is looking for input from citizens regarding where they think Capital Bikeshare stations should be located. Take a couple of minutes to plot your points on the interactive map.

Some locations that I chose: the Takoma Metro stop, the (current) Walter Reed site, the corner of Georgia and Missouri (especially if when it gets developed, finally), and 14th and Colorado. Any other suggestions for good station sites in Ward 4?

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