Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For posterity

I recently moved out of Brightwood, so I must retire this blog. I will leave it online (I often receive emails from potential new residents who are looking for information about the neighborhood and who tell me that the blog has been a good resource, so I would like for future residents to be able to refer to it).

Thank you all for reading. I hope following this blog has strengthened your understanding of what’s happening in this community, which is rich in stories yet underrepresented in the media.

I’m still happy to answer questions you may have about the neighborhood and Ward 4; I can still be reached at thebrightwoodian@gmail dot com

Now off I go. It's been a wonderful stay, Brightwood.



  1. I suppose the Washington Post will add you to the list of "failures" because you didn't monetize your blog. :)

    Thank you so much for being a good neighborhood blogger and sharing news from your part of DC with the rest of the world. The work was very, very much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for giving Brightwood a spot on the web. I enjoyed reading.

  3. Is there someone out there willing to take your place. I loved reading your articles about the events going on in Brightwood. I have lived here all my life.

    1. I haven't had anyone express interest, but if somebody did I'd happily help with the transition!

  4. I have started a New Brightwoodian Blog via WordPress - Hope some of you will follow me as I continue the tradition of the Brightwood neighborhood having its own blog.

  5. Rebecca -- Thanks for the information (and work) that you put into the blog, and for your brief stay on ANC 4B. I wish you luck and happiness in your new home.

  6. You are so awesome!!! You haven't lost a blog, you've gained a life! LOL.

    Seriously, you have done a great job and helped a lot of people get excited about their neighborhood.

    Best wishes!

  7. D'oh! This is a real loss.

    I don't think I ever figured out whether Brightwood included my home or not: does it extend to 5th Ave or end at Georgia?

  8. thanks for the blog