Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stolen bike dealer operating out of Brightwood

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A D.C. resident says he stole back his bicycle after it was taken from his friend's porch Sunday night and then posted for sale on Craigslist the following morning. And the vendor who attempted to sell that bike is also listing several other cycles for amounts well below their suggested retail prices.

Danny Lesh said that he loaned his Cannondale hybrid to a friend who lives in the Brightwood neighborhood. The friend attempted to secure it to her porch using a cable lock, but on Monday morning woke up to find that the bike had been boosted. She filed a police report and notified Lesh of the theft.

"It was the first bike I ever bought," says Lesh, who purchased the bike in Chicago in 1998. About midday yesterday, while at his job at a labor organization, Lesh was notified that a bike matching the Cannondale's description was being offered on Craigslist for $100. He took a glance at the want-ad and immediately recognized his old ride.

"I looked at the pictures, there were stickers that I put on the bike," he says.

Lesh called the number on the want-ad and arranged to meet the vendor, who is also located in Brightwood. On the cab ride over from Dupont Circle, he also gave the Metropolitan Police Department's Fourth District a ring, asking if they could spare a plainclothes vice officer to observe and potentially make an arrest. After several phone calls, Lesh says he was told no officer was available.

Disturbing that he was told no Fourth District officers were available to help him.

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