Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Little Pigs' website goes live; get ready for our very own charcuterie

Three Little Pigs is a charcuterie that will be opening soon at 5111 Georgia Avenue NW. I've been perusing their site and there's a lot of interesting stuff going on that I think will make a lot of neighbors very happy. Some samples:

From the Who We Are page:

Carolina grew up right here in Washington D.C. While attending St. John’s College High School, she cooked at Restaurant Nora in DuPont Circle. The restaurant developed her interest in local organic food. After several months spent working at the restaurant, Carolina enrolled in The Culinary Institute of America. The school gave her the opportunity to be trained by many of the school's great chefs. Returning to DC and dedicating her professional skills to the community was always Carolina's objective. In 2009, she interned at Mie n Yu in Georgetown, where she focused on farm to table programs. She learned the importance of sourcing from local farms and producers.

From the What We Do page:

Everything at TLP is wholesome and hand crafted. We butcher from locally sourced whole animals to make all of our charcuterie & salumi. In fact, everything we source is local, all the way down to the salt. We don’t use unnecessary chemicals to prolong shelf life or to make up for a lack of craftsmanship and patience. All of our pickles, condiments, and crackers are made and packaged right here in our shop. Our lunch menu changes daily so our guests can taste the variety of flavors the season has to offer. The house-made sodas are made fresh and contain half the sugar of commercial brands and no artificial ingredients.

This will no doubt be an interesting addition to Georgia Avenue. Stay tuned for grand opening information.


  1. Thanks for the tip. Keep it up

  2. I am so looking forward to visiting TLP. Thanks Brighwoodian, wouldn't have known anything about it without you.