Monday, August 15, 2011

Doggie Washerette self-service dog wash opens at 7714 Georgia Ave. NW

City dwellers who own dogs, and who more often than not live in very small spaces, know that giving a dog a bath in a small house or apartment is usually a pretty messy experience. An alternative is paying a groomer to do the dirty deed, but that can get costly over time. There's a DIY dog wash at Fur-Get Me Not in Adams Morgan, but that's Adams Morgan; it'd be nice to have a DIY dog wash in our own neighborhood, right? Well, now we do! The Doggie Washerette opened at 7714 Georgia Avenue NW on Saturday, August 13.

The interior is quite nice, decorated with graphics designed by the owner, Ethel, a resident of Shepherd Park.

The tubs are typical of what I've seen at other DIY dog wash businesses, with one big exception: they're automated. So the experience is sort of similar to going to a laundromat, only you're washing your dog instead of your clothes.

When you finish washing your dog in the tub, you can bring him or her over to a grooming table for a final beautification treatment (grooming materials are included in the cost of the wash).

The Doggie Washerette is also equipped with lots of swag displaying their logo, including doggy water bottles, frisbees, and t-shirts. Here's a doggy enthusiastically modeling her Doggie Washerette t-shirt:


  1. Too bad this place is WAY more expensive than other local self-service dog washes - $30 for fifteen minutes! Fur-get me not is $20 for 30 min., and other local options are about the same.

  2. Fifteen minutes is only the time spent in the machine. What others charge for is included in the $30...specialty shampoos, conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste,use of nail clippers/files,cologne,ear wipes,etc.

  3. Very clean and inexpensive the first post is not correct. No appointment needed. they offer everything you need to care for your dog: apron, towels, toothbrush/toothpaste, ear wipes, nail clippers/files, cologne, etc. for $20.

    No tacked on fees – everything included in one price

    Doggie Treats Provided