Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ANC 4B forms Wal-Mart committee; and an action alert regarding Famous Pawn

ANC 4B is officially forming a committee composed of concerned citizens that will be tasked with scrutinizing all things Wal-Mart. The committee will review the company's proposal as well as the Large Tract Review.

The ANC hopes that people with expertise in certain areas (i.e. architecture, engineering, urban planning, transportation planning) will serve on the committee and/or subcommittees. Interested individuals should drop an e-mail to Jim Irwin at 4B's office, office @ anc4b.info


And in case you haven't had enough of controversial businesses that want to locate in our area...

DCRA says that the license for Famous Pawn at 7301 Georgia Ave. is now "in order" to be issued. Commissioner Sara Green sent an e-mail earlier today saying that CM Bowser is asking for a reconsideration and that constituents need to raise hell about it right now in order to be effective. Green issued the following sample letter (e-mail addresses to send it to are at the bottom):

To Our City Government:
We have learned that DCRA is about to issue a pawn license for 7301 Georgia Avenue, NW.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions 4A and 4B, along with residents and dozens of surrounding businesses and civic associations, including the Takoma DC Neighborhood Association and Concerned Neighbors, Inc., actively oppose this license.

If this license is issued for 7301 Georgia, our small corner of the city will have one-third of the pawnshops in DC! They are already located at 6212 Georgia and 6400 Georgia.

The pawn regulations say a license must promote the "advantage" of the community. Georgia Avenue's chances for revival will be crippled if this license is issued. We aren't a dumping ground! This large concentration of pawnshops discourages the new businesses we want here.

Please reconsider and deny this license.

Send To:
Mayor Fenty: amfenty @ hotmail.com
Mayor-Elect Gray: vgray @ dccouncil.us
City Administrator Neil Albert: NeilAlbert @ dc.gov
City Administrator-Designate Allen Lew: AllenLew@ dc.gov
The entire DC City Council: membersonly @ dccouncil.us
DCRA Director Linda Argo: linda.argo @ dc.gov
DCRA Director-Designate Nicholas Majett: nicholas.majett @ dc.gov
DCRA Administrator Harold Pettigrew: harold.pettigrew @ dc.gov


  1. hate to tell you, but if every high-visibility new business in the neighborhood meets opposition, there will be a reputation (fair or not) that the neighborhood is anti-business.

  2. Honestly, if I could go into one of the empty storefronts between Quackenbos and Tuckerman (of which there are many) and open up a nice, innocent little coffee shop that would liven up the corridor without causing everyone to be all up in arms, I'd do it. Tomorrow.