Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Youth Program taking requests for jobs around the neighborhood

The Coolidge High School base of the DDOE Summer Youth Program is taking requests from neighborhood residents for jobs that need to be done (i.e., picking up trash, landscaping, weeding, mulching, painting decks, planting flowers, transplanting, painting porches, etc) within a one mile radius of the school (an area that includes most of Brightwood, Takoma, and Manor Park).

All the services are free (you supply the materials) and can be scheduled by calling Jacklyn Ellison at (202) 439-5157.

From what I understand, they’re really looking to keep the kids busy, and nobody should hesitate to call with project requests.

I saw the kids this morning as I passed by Coolidge, wearing their reflective vests and armed with garbage bags and trash-picker-uppers. They split up into groups and headed in different directions to do some (much-needed, I must say) clean-up of the sidewalks and streets.

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